1. The yacht is rented with the Captain and crew.
  2. Confirmation of the exact charter route takes place on the charter day by the Captain at the moment of boarding the yacht by the CHARTERER.
  3. The charter fee is returned only in case of bad weather conditions (confirmed by the Captain) or a yacht failure.
  4. Early return to the port at the request of the CHARTERER or charter members does not entitle to refund of the charter fee or the part of it.
  5. The charterer’s or charter members’ malaise does not entitle to refund of the charter fee or its part.



  1. In the case that kids are brought on deck, CHARTERERS bare full responsibility for their behavior and entertainment, and no member of the crew bares the responsibility for the children’s behavior or entertainment.
  2. The CHARTERER bares full responsibility for the behavior of all members of the charterer with whom he came. No member of the crew is responsible for the behavior of the Charterer and the people with whom he came.
  3. The CHARTERER bears full responsibility for any damages or losses resulting from the gross negligence or reckless conduct of the CHARTERER or persons with whom he came.
  4. The CHARTERER agrees to pay for any loss, damage, theft, disappearance or excessive cleaning incurred during the charter period.
  5. CHARTERERS and the people with whom he came on the charter will be Always shown the respect. No member of the crew may be exposed to any form of harassment, sexual or otherwise, by the CHARTERER or persons with whom the CHARTERER came at any time during the charter period.
  6. Character CHARTER Maybe make That will be She uncomfortable or inappropriate For people the disabled physically or passing treatment. By signing this regulating contract, THE CHARTERER guarantees the travel-worthy state of health of all members .
  7. Before boarding, the CHARTERER and persons accompanying him must take off his shoes and put them in the container indicated by the crew of the yacht.
  8. After boarding, the CHARTERER and persons accompanying him are obliged to follow the instructions of the Captain and the crew of the yacht.
  9. Bringing animals onto the yacht requires the prior consent of the Lessor.



  1. The LESSOR provides a qualified Captain and a crew member during the charter.
  2. The LESSOR undertakes to comply with the Maritime Code.
  3. The LESSOR confirms that the Yacht has valid third party liability and accident insurance
  4. The LESSOR ensures that the yacht is equipped with life jackets for adults and children.
  5. The LESSOR ensures that the yacht is equipped with a first aid kit and fire extinguishers.
  6. The LESSOR offers access to company catering and drinks.
  7. The LESSOR, the captain and the crew of the yacht are not responsible for private items left on the yacht by the Charterer and persons who came with him.




  1. The CHARTERER understands that the use, transport or possession of illegal drugs including marijuana or any other illegal substance, transport of illegal aliens or participation in any other illegal activity by anyone on board the yacht is strictly prohibited and will result in the immediate termination of the charter without refund of the charter fee.
  2. The CHARTERER understands that the possession or use of any weapon (including in particular firearms) is strictly prohibited on board, and failure to comply with this will be the reason for the immediate termination of the charter without refund of the charter fee.
  3. The CHARTERER understands that smoking is prohibited on the yacht.
  4. The CHARTERER understands that it is forbidden to drink red wine on the yacht.
  5. The CHARTERER understands that paper, tissues, cotton balls, hygiene articles, etc. may not be disposed of in the toilet on the yacht. The charterer is obliged to dispose of paper and hygiene articles in the rubbish bin.
  6. If the CHARTERER or any of his accompanying persons commits an offense against the laws and regulations of any country which results in detention, fine or arresting the crew member or the yacht or stopping, arrest, or fine yacht, CHARTERERS will compensate the LESSOR for any losses, damages and expenses incurred By LESSOR as a result of this event.




  1. The captain is obliged to note CHARTERER immediately on any violations of these conditions By him or by any person accompanying him, and If such behavior will be repeated after this warning, Captain informs the Lessor and the charter will be terminated immediately, the yacht will sail to the port and the charterer will not receive a refund of the amount paid for the charter and will be held financially responsible for any damages.
  2. The captain has the option to ask customers to leave the interior yacht and to close the interior of the yacht in the event of improper behavior of customers and the risk of damage to the inside of the yacht.




  1. The privacy policy defines how the personal data of CHARTERERS necessary to provide yacht charter services is collected, processed and stored. 2. The administrator of the databases of personal data provided by the Charterers in connection with the yacht charter is the LESSOR.
  2. Personal data provided by the Charterer are processed in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46 /WE (General Data Protection Regulation, hereinafter referred to as GDPR) and the Personal Data Protection Act of May 10, 2018.
  3. The Charterer’s personal data is collected in order to familiarize the Charterer with the Motor Yacht Charter Regulations.
  4. Providing data is voluntary, but necessary to complete the yacht charter.
  5. The LESSOR may process the CHARTERER’s personal data: name and surname, e-mail, and data on the Charterer’s ID.
  6. CHARTERERS’ personal data will be processed for the period of: until the statute of limitations for claims after the charter is completed.
  7. In matters not covered by this Privacy Policy, the provisions of the GDPR and the provisions of Polish law shall apply.



  1. In matters not covered by these Regulations, generally applicable provisions of Polish law, in particular the Civil Code, shall apply. Civil disputes will be resolved by the court competent for the place of registration of the yacht.
  2. Crimes and misdemeanors will be dealt with by the court in whose district the crime/offence was committed.


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